WhatsApp: How to disable automatic download of images, audios, and videos

If you use WhatsApp constantly, you must have realized that the messenger automatically starts a download whenever a contact sends multimedia content – such as images, videos and audio files. For some Internet users, this feature of the application is useful for the user experience, but for others, this feature only disrupts your digital life.

After all, shoot the first stone that never received malicious messages or even “undue” photographs of that group chat that is full of people’s the hustle and bustle. If this happens even with some parliamentarians in full voting for political reform, it is only natural that it should happen to you as well. These inappropriate documents are then automatically saved to your phone’s internal memory, appearing normally in your photo, video, and music galleries.

Fortunately, you can disable the automatic download of files sent to you through the messenger, regardless of which platform you’re using (Android, iOS or Windows Phone). Once you’ve followed the instructions below, you’ll choose when an image, video, or audio was downloaded – by tapping on the received multimedia content. See each operating system below step by step – the procedure is the same for the three platforms covered.

Open the WhatsApp Settings window. On it, find the topic “Conversation options” and touch it. Then select the “Automatic download” option. You should choose what WhatsApp will download when your smartphone is connected to a mobile network, WiFi, and roaming. In the condition of default, the settings are, respectively, only images, all and no media. Since our goal is to completely disable automatic download, select the “No media” option for all three fields.

The procedure is similar to iOS. In the “Settings” screen, touch “Conversation Settings”. Then go to the “Automatic Media Download” option. This last bit is a little different: instead of selecting the downloaded media type in each connection profile, you do exactly the opposite, choosing when the application will download images, audios, and videos. Again, for our purpose, simply disable in all fields.

Windows Phone
Similar to the iOS procedure: Enter the settings window and follow the path “Conversation options” and “Automatic download”. Here you also need to choose when WhatsApp will automatically download images, videos and audio files (WiFi networks, mobile networks and roaming). Again, disable the feature in all possible options, as that is exactly what we are aiming for.

Ready! This was the tip of Whatsapp-recovery.com to enhance your experience using WhatsApp. In addition to preventing unwanted content from being saved to the memory of your mobile device, you will also save your data plan by avoiding the automatic download of heavy files.