How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On The Same Phone

If you have a dual-chip phone, you may have wondered if there is any way to make them both have active accounts in WhatsApp. To this day, there was no simple way to do this, but fortunately the story is changing. A standalone app has already been created that enables mobile phones to have two active WhatsApp accounts simultaneously.

Like the idea? So you should have already checked out various tips that have come up on the internet over the last few years. Some of the most famous came from XDA Developers, and the vast majority of apps were intended for those consumers who have Android devices with support for two simultaneous chips.

[Solution blocked]
For a long time, we kept this tutorial active here at He taught to perform the processes through the WhatsApp available in the XDA forum. However, the WhatsApp developers blocked the system and the solution was suspended. You can run a similar process with the Parallel app – check out the download link and usage tips here. However, we must remember that WhatsApp can ban or suspend users who use third-party apps to modify the main app.