How to Recover Deleted Messages from WhatsApp on iPhone & Android

With so many conversations in Whatsapp, it’s normal that sometimes you end up deleting something that you did not find it is important at the time or because you did not want anyone to see it. The problem is when we erase messages or whole conversations inadvertently or when we end up regretting later to delete something.

Fortunately, there is a way to retrieve deleted messages in WhatsApp from iPhone & Android if they have been deleted less than a week ago. As the process itself is no longer so right or accurate, if the time is more than a week, it is almost impossible that ends up making recovery. If you have messages or conversations that you want back (and have not been deleted for a long time), check out our tutorial and get them back as soon as possible!

Recovering deleted messages from Whatsapp

With Whatsapp Recovery software, you can directly recover WhatsApp messages and attachments from iPhone & Android or retrieve WhatsApp chat history from iTunes or iCloud backup.

Available for iPhone Users:

Available for Android Users:

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Recovery, and start the software.
Step 2: Scan and preview whatsapp chat history from idevice.
Step 3: Recover missing WhatsApp Messages.

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